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World Cosplay Summit 2009 Team Finland~ [entries|friends|calendar]

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The adventures of Team Finland of the World Cosplay Summit 2009!

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[01 Oct 2009|07:17pm]
WCS was two months ago, but there's still some stuff coming out regarding it!

The pictures our translator Eetu took are finally online! There's about a bazillion pics there, featuring pretty much all the teams and other folk. You can find them in the Aniki picture archive here! Some of them are pretty hilarious.

Also, Finns, the newest issue of JapanPop has an interview with us, so check that out!

And Iris might be giving an interview for a local newspaper in the town she grew up in, but that one isn't very widely available. Or pretty much at all outside of town. :D

AND of course, the Finnish preliminary is coming up. It will be held at the Helsinki Book Fair on the 24th of October. We'll be there, doing something, possibly just flailing around the teams and telling them stories and totally psyching them out. Ha! <3

Also during that week, we'll be appearing at a seminar in Helsinki, but more on that once we get all the info on it ourselves.

And of course we'll be seeing Team Japan, YURI AND RIE!! They're going to be here for the preliminary, and we CANNOT WAIT to see them again! Oh yeah!

Only a few weeks and we pass the torch to another team. We want to wish all the teams participating in the preliminary OODLES OF CUP NOODLES OF LUCK, WE'LL SEE YOU ON THE 24TH!
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[10 Aug 2009|09:38pm]
We're back home and almost completely unpacked! We know some teams stayed in Japan after the Summit ended, hopefully no one was affected by the earthquake in Tokyo?

Anyway, it was so good to meet all the other teams! We had the best time with you guys, don't stay strangers!

For a collection of our personal pictures, you can check out Iris' Flickr here! No cosplay photos, since our translator Eetu took most of those and we left our camera behind for all cosplay events so we wouldn't lose it. We'll see some of those in the future, I hope.

But if you're interested in reading about how our trip went, click on the LJ cut and have a read! It's SUPER FREAKING LONG, so beware. Also it's written by Iris and crossposted to her journal.

Team Finland's adventures in Tokyo & Nagoya!Collapse )

The entire trip in three words: So. Freaking. Awesome. Best time.

The Mainichi interview can be read here! There are quite a few pictures of our parade costumes there as well, so check it out!
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[25 Jul 2009|12:37am]
A quick note, nearly forgot to mention this:

Finnish and Swedish speaking folk, Iris gave an interview to Radio X3M and it's airing on the 27th! Not sure what time though, but some time during the day. You can check out their website, they might have more info there at some point. And they have a webradio! Radio X3M
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[24 Jul 2009|09:46pm]
Ready, set, GO!

We are packed and ready for Japan! After Animecon two weeks ago, we started our last preparations. Arttu started his four-week summer vacation, and it was from one sweatshop (they're airconditioning didn't work for the longest time and the factory was like a very loud sauna) to another (he's been working almost non-stop! And our apartment is like a sauna too). Arttu made the props to our parade costumes, and re-painted a lot of pieces for his Leon costume. Iris made some arrows for Leon, styled a couple of wigs, and kept her promise of not touching the sewing machine in the last week before the trip. Well, except tonight: there was a pair of jeans that needed to be re-hemmed because Iris is a bit vertically challenged. (30 inch inseam? Too long!)

Today, we spent the entire day cleaning and packing. We've filled up two suitcases, and had to stuff all our shoes in a huge duffel bag. Why did we have to choose so many characters that wear boots...
Now everything is set, all we need to do is leave tomorrow. We're going to spend the weekend in Helsinki, since our friend fokushii is throwing a Bollywood-themed birthday party on Saturday and it's the perfect opportunity to attend. On Sunday, we're planning on chillaxing and maybe meeting up with Arttu's dad.

And then on Monday, it's time for Japan!

Less words, more pictures. Here are some shots from the past two weeks.

Working 9 to 5...Collapse )

So, other teams, we'll see you next week! Australia, Brazil, China, Tuesday! Everyone else, Wednesday! Hope you all have pleasant flights.
Everyone else, we'll try to blog from Japan but can't promise much. Iris has a Twitter account and will be racking up her cell phone bill by Twittering. All the latest stuff will be at http://twitter.com/monokero, check it out!

(We're so damn excited we probably won't sleep at all tonight. Sucks, because Iris has to drive for four hours and Arttu always falls asleep in the car before we even get out of the city! Thank the universe for caffeine.)
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[12 Jun 2009|04:02pm]
Desucon is over and we have pictures! Since there are a ton and they are huge as heck, I'm just posting a link and a quick preview.

Since we're using our preliminary costumes as our performance costumes, we're done with WCS stuff! Or, well, not quite. Arttu still has to make our props for the parade costumes and fix his Leon costume a bit, and I need to silicone the hell out of my Amy wig, and and and... But it's all just little stuff. And we can finally start intensive practicing! It's been such a busy spring that we haven't had time to start really working on our performance, but we'll fix that. The good thing about living together is that we can practice any time we're home.

But now, pictures! All the Soulcalibur pictures can be found at my Cosplay.com gallery, and you can get there by clicking here! We have a ton of pictures to come, so not everything is up there yet.

Some choice pics from the photoshoot!Collapse )

I also uploaded a pic of my new wig for Queen Emeraldas. Finally my ratty blonde wig can retire, or find a new life as a much shorter wig...

Pretty golden hair~Collapse )

I was going to post some pictures from the making of my Amy wig, but all the pics turned out dark or blurry, so I decided not to. But instead, I made images of our costumes and what we will wear and when! Hopefully these aren't too huge, my screen resolution is about a googolplex by three googolplexes (googolplexi?) so I'm horrible at estimating what's big for anyone else... Sorry if they break your friends page or brain!

(Captain Harlock/Queen Emeraldas/general Leiji Matsumoto universe)

(Soulcalibur IV)

(Trinity Blood)

Hmm, that reminds me that we really need to have a photoshoot with Esther and Leon. We have hardly any pictures of Leon... Good thing we moved right next to a park! And there are two Christian churches within a walking distance. Now we just need a photographer... Volunteers in the JKL area, raise your hands!

Hope everyone's doing well, in general and with costume progress! Not long now until we all meet!
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[05 Jun 2009|03:22pm]
Just posting a link to OUR PERFORMANCE AT THE PRELIMINARIES! The lovely Unita uploaded a vid of it on YouTube, and you can view it here! Not going to embed it, no time, since we're in a hurry to leave for Desucon. Next week we'll hopefully have some photographic proof of our parade costumes, and wig pictures.

See you at Desu, Finns!
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[22 May 2009|12:22am]
Today was a national holiday, and we celebrated it by having a "Movies based on classic sci fi stories"-themed marathon. So while such gems as Independence Day, Minority Report and I, Robot (with AVP2 as a combo breaker) rolled, we sewed and cut and painted. And here's a quick look at what ate up our day:

We will not go quietly into the night!Collapse )

Next week we'll hopefully have some wig pictures. Either it's going to be guide to a horrible disaster of hair and different adhesives, or "Miss Gluefingers, or how I learned to stop worrying and love stubbing". We'll see.
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[03 May 2009|09:06pm]
Bakacon came and went, and here is the evidence: our press costumes for the World Cosplay Summit 2009! After the cut~

(be warned, the pictures are the size of giant mutant elephants, so if you're on a dial-up connection, you may want to go make a sandwich while you wait for the pics to load.)

Sailing, we are sailing...Collapse )

Arttu's wig needs a bit of fixing, mostly because he can hardly see from under it as it is. Iris' wig is actually a stand-in, and the wig that will be worn in Japan will be a different color. Otherwise, the costumes are done and feel great. Surprisingly comfortable, even though the capes weigh a ton.

We're going to have a busy May, with finishing the parade costumes, styling the wigs, and making a couple more costumes for Desucon. And on top of that, we're moving in together sometime in May or June, and that's going to be a huge process. Busy, busy!
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[24 Apr 2009|04:21pm]
Hey Finns! We will be at Bakacon this Saturday! You will know us by this:

See you there!
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[27 Mar 2009|03:56pm]
Hey everyone!

It's time for some progress pics! I've been keeping busy with sewing, and Arttu's parade costume is all sewn, it just needs a bunch of decorations. But let's start with something completely different!

All sorts of fun under here.Collapse )

Four months left! Eep!
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[23 Feb 2009|01:07am]
Our parade costumes are progressing well. I've been working on them quite a lot this past week, and now only a bottle of clear nailpolish stands in the way of me putting together Arttu's vest. I need to finish some edges with nailpolish since fabric glue sticks to itself even when dry. After that, it's just a few seams and the sewing part of the vest-making will be done. After that it's all eyelets and decorations.
Progress on his costume is a bit slower though, since I have to try it on at every turn and he can't come over every day.

Both of these costumes involve so much hand-sewing, and so my fingers look like pincushions. I don't think I've used this many band-aids in a long time. But it's worth it!

So here are a few pictures of my lovely little ladyCollapse )

So things are progressing well, except we have to wait for Cosworx to restock the wigs I need. Just my luck that they would run out of BOTH colors I need... As long as we get them before mid-April, it's fine. My parade wig is going to take some serious work, so I really want to get them on time.

Also, I don't think we've announced it here yet: We're debuting our press costumes at Bakacon on the last weekend of April, and the parade costumes at Desucon on the first weekend of June!

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[10 Feb 2009|02:23am]
In this post, pictures of my new ladyfriend!

So click here!Collapse )

Also, for the Finnish speaking folks: we did an interview with Plaza.fi and you can read it here.

Is anyone else freaking out now that the dates for the competition have been published? It seems so much more... real now that I can write it down in my calendar. Like, "holy crap it's actually happening!"
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[22 Jan 2009|11:54pm]
No progress this time, but a cry for help:

We're going to order our wigs from Cosworx this weekend once we can decide on colors. But I need help with the wefted extensions! I can't figure out how many packs of extensions I need. I'm going to part the wig for ponytails, and really just need to cover up the netting. Will two packs be enough? One for each side?

Haven't ordered extensions from Cosworx before and can't really estimate the amount of hair based on the weight. I'm more more of a "see with my fingers" type - gotta have the thing in my hand to be able to make an estimate. (Same goes for fabrics, I go around groping stuff in the fabric store!)
So if any of you kind-hearted and more weft experience having (... awesome language skillz, yes) people would like to share your knowledge, I would appreciate it veeery greatly.

And grrr Cosworx for not having Godiva in 144. It would have been perfect for my press costume...

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[15 Jan 2009|02:18am]
Progress has been made, and pictures have been taken.Collapse )

And here's how to NOT store a wig:

(this poor wig hung from a tree branch for a couple of days, and is currently buried under snow in the front yard of Arttu's building. No idea who left it there, we suspect the party animals living in the building.)
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[05 Jan 2009|02:07am]
Hey everyone, happy New Year!

I'm enjoying a three day weekend since the 6th is a national holiday and I managed to get Monday off, and celebrating this by sewing! I whipped up a dress last night for a non-WCS cosplay, but today has been all about my parade costume.

A couple of pictures of what I worked onCollapse )

And it's only the first day. Tomorrow, I'll sew these and see what next. If Arttu has recovered from the stomach bug he caught, I'll try to get him over here so I can get started on his pants. I should seriously write his measurements down on something more permanent than a Post-It...

Entertainment enjoyed:
- (new) Doctor Who season 4, select episodes (had to take a break from embroidery because I cried so much at the finale my eyes hurt)
- Sanctuary episodes 1-10 (I'm a sucker for sci fi, and Amanda Tapping is as amazing as ever. Surprisingly entertaining, I was expecting to not like it)

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming,
- Iris
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[18 Dec 2008|01:09am]
Hey all, Iris here! I'm posting solo this time, a progress shot and things. I have a day off from work and was supposed to clean my apartment, but accidentally ended up starting my parade costume. Oops!

A green octopus, red organza and big surprises!Collapse )

In case we don't post for a while, happy holidays to everyone!
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[14 Dec 2008|12:41am]
Just rounding up some links!

Firstly, there's a news bit about the Book Fair contest here, on Aamulehti.fi. Click on "ääni- ja kuvaesitys" to get a video slideshow of all the contest entries. We're in there too. Watch out, the video has sound. It actually plays "God Save the Queen" when it shows pictures of us, as we had that on our performance. The audience got a good laugh out of it!

Then, there are the official pictures taken after the awards ceremony, and you can find them here on the Aniki picture archive. You'll have to excuse our faces, these were taken about fifteen minutes after we were told we won, and 'shocked and stunned' doesn't even begin to describe how we were feeling. Also, we didn't have a chance to freshen up. For a much prettier picture, please see here for a pre-show picture.

Coming up next week, an article & interview the local newspaper published on Friday, and an article on the Book Fair. Also, our performance will be online at some point in the future. That doesn't depend on us, though, but we'll let you know once it gets uploaded.

Unfortunately there's been no progress on our costumes, since we've been either sick or too busy at work. And Iris needs to learn to make men's pants. We'll see after the Christmas season...

(And thank you to everyone who commented on the first entry!)
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First post to kick this thing off! [06 Dec 2008|01:59am]
Hello world!

This is the LiveJournal for the first ever Team Finland for the World Cosplay Summit! We are taking part in the WCS in the year 2009, and as of this writing, there is a little under eight months before the Championship in Nagoya, Japan. And oh man, are we excited!

In this blog, we'll post all sorts of hilarious things involving our preparations. So, you can expect links to interviews, progress shots of our costumes, stuff like that.

But what you won't see is a straight-forward answer to what costumes we're making for the press conferences and the parade! Well, at least for a while. We want to keep the secret until there's some actual progress done on the costumes. But that doesn't mean there won't be hints! We're just too excited to not talk about the characters we picked.

Also, we're planning on wearing the parade costumes to Animecon VII in July. Just to try them out, see how they fit and what needs to be fixed. We might also do a test run with the press conference costumes, but we'll see. It all depends on when we finish them.

So, it's on like Donkey Kong. We'll keep you posted on things as they happen!

- Iris & Arttu


Haloo Suomi!

Tässä blogissa tosiaan seurataan Suomen ensimmäisen World Cosplay Summit -joukkueen matkaa elokuiseen, paahtavaan Japaniin. Aikaa on jäljellä "enää" vajaa kahdeksan kuukautta ja innostus polttelee!

Tänne siis ilmestyy kaikkea hulvatonta matkan varrelta: linkkejä haastatteluihin, kuvia pukujen edistymisestä, kaikenlaista hulluutta.

Mutta selkeitä paljastuksia pukuvalinnoista ei tulla näkemään! Ainakaan muutamaan kuukauteen. Pidetään ne nyt salassa ainakin toistaiseksi, ja esitellään vasta kun on jotain esiteltävää. Kaikenlaisista kuvamaistiaisista joku ehkä osaa ne päätellä, ja vihjailua ei voi estää, varsinkin kun olemme aivan järjettömän innoissamme hahmovalinnoista.

Paraatipuvut tullaan todennäköisesti näkemään ensi kesän Animeconissa Helsingissä, koska aiomme "koeajaa" puvut jotta tiedetään mikä hiertää ja mistä, ja mitä pitää korjata. Joten siellä sitten viimeistään paljastuu tämä valtaisa ja kaikkia askarruttava salaisuus! Saa nähdä koska saadaan pressipuvut valmiiksi; niitäkin saatetaan koeajella jossain vaiheessa alkuvuotta.

Kielestä sen verran, että koska kyseessä on kansainvälinen tapahtuma, niin tämäkin blogi pysyy kansainvälisellä linjalla ellei toisin pyydetä. Haastattelulinkkejä tosin tulee myös (ja luultavasti suurimmaksi osaksi) suomenkielisiin haastatteluihin.

Joten annetaan palaa! Päivityksiä tulee kun asioita tapahtuu.

- Iris & Arttu
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